sexta-feira, abril 24, 2009

Friends & Happyness

Writing about my friends is one of my greatest pleasures in life. The reasons are easy to figure out: I love them, I like to be with them and, mainly, I love to see that they are happy. This last conclusion is not new to me, but life just made me remind that two days ago. Last wednesday was a special day, because I had the opportunity of knowing two people who were already my friends, and each other friends, but who I haven't seen together before. I believe it was magic there before my eyes and nor David Copperfield nor Luís de Matos were there. It was awesome and it made me realize how happy I can stay (as if I didn' knew that already) just with the happyness of the ones I love. And I know I made other friends smile when I told this to them. I can't forget the smile on your face, yes you (I know you know who you are). This thing we are fortunate to share is so nice and beautfiful that no words in the whole word are enough to explain it. We, and me in particular, have the luck to share feelings, moments and persons in a very special way. Even when things go rough and sometimes they really do. So I feel fortunate for having you all in my life and, for me, it's a blessing that I will never thank enough to the one who gave it to me (maybe God, yes, 'cause I believe and my readers do know that).

The main thing is that: if you are happy then I will sure be happy to (even if, secretaly, that breaks my heart). :-)

Virtual regards

Final note: Why is the post in english? For two very important reasons:

1st - I felt like it and

2nd - this is my blog and I could even write in russian (I would have to learn it first lol)

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Sonya disse...

You write in english and then I have to comment in english too... it is not fair, but ok! :P

I can imagine what you felt when you saw these friends together. But I am very sad because lost this meeting! :(

Have a friend is a bless. And good friends are hard to find. I can say: thank God I have many good friends and I love them!

Thank you for being my friend! :D