quinta-feira, abril 29, 2010


When I turned 18 nothing much changed in my life. The only two important things that happened were: I could from that date forward start to vote and I could get my driver license. Apart from that all stayed pretty much the same: school, friends, having fun, going out, dating, well, usual things that teenagers do and they should 'cause life was given to us to take the most out of it and enjoy every moment. Of course there are times that are not so good, but that's part of living also.

Unfortunatelly, this is not like this to everyone. Some of us need to turn 18 to really get a better life and be and feel free. The truth is nobody belongs to anyone (I don't belong to you and you don't belong to me, George Michael says it on a song). And there are things that just make me sad and mad with the world. This all to say that in two years time when I'll be a five days distance to turn 42, someone I know, and like, will be turning 18 and getting the right to choose! So I don't care that I'll be older let just that day come quickly and put lots of smiles in lots of faces. Especially yours! :-)

Virtual regards

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Elora disse...

Thank you so much. I love you!

Anónimo disse...

Um beijinho para a mana da minha mana...

BlueAngel disse...


nothing to thank here. :-) Love you too. Kisses


uma beijoca especial para ti tb, mana da minha mana ;-)